Torch… how fitting of a name for a fat burner that is more than just that… how is it more than just a fat burner?

There are a lot of fat burners on the market – everyone has tried them and everyone has their opinions. Take a look at many of the ingredient panels – most are just loaded with stimulants and thermogenic to give you energy and make you feel like you are burning fat… but are you?

There are many ingredients a company can hurl into their fat burners – Here at Kodiak, we put our R/D department to the test. Not only do we use some of the most effective mainstay ingredients in the fat burning industry, but we utilized some that you just don’t see in ANY other fat burner.

Torch is not only explicit in its transparency – you can see everything you are getting on the label – but it is loaded with ingredients that are designed to operate through several mechanisms and mediums to spark your metabolism, enhance your mood, burn your fat and help keep your appetite under control.


Go on, take a look at the ingredient lineup. TORCH will help put you in a much better mood – when we are in better moods, we end up staying on our diets better, right? When our serotonin and dopamine levels are elevated – we don’t crave the foods that are unhealthy ‘cheats’ – because we already have the increased levels! That’s the very reason you want cheat food in the first place!

Along with the mood enhancement, TORCH will also help you narrow in and focus on your daily tasks. When we diet or are trying to lose fat – we typically are in a calorie depleted state and can lose a little bit of our mental focus and capacity. This is never a good thing for the gainfully employed! With TORCH – you can have a little extra edge to help you stay focused on your work day!

Not only that – but TORCH is loaded with thermogenic and fat metabolizing ingredients that will safely and effectively help you to reduce your fat levels – by utilizing fats as energy – when combined the proper exercise and nutrition protocol.

Don’t just get a fat burner that will give you energy or make you sweat a lot, leaving the door open on fat… get TORCH – all the energy, mood enhancement, fat metabolism and thermogenic fat burning rolled into one ball of fire!

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